Typhoon Platform

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The typhoon experience hall has no site restrictions, it is designed according to the reasonable design of the site, and the requirements for the site are relatively lenient. as long as the site is not too narrow and low, typhoon simulation venues of different sizes can be built according to the site.

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Typhoon experience Hall

The typhoon experience project uses advanced multimedia and live-action technology to simulate a class 12 typhoon in a real space. Typhoon simulation consists of typhoon simulation scene, platform basic simulation facilities, environmental simulation facilities, and control system. In terms of technology, there are wind flow control systems, air sensor systems, computer control systems, image simulation systems, sound system, automatic scoring system, etc. The simulated typhoon can simulate the real environment when the typhoon occurs so that the experiencer has the feeling of being on the scene. The simulated typhoon level and duration are preset on the console. The system is equipped with various typhoon data, which can also be made according to customer needs.

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