Earthquake Platform

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The earth is trembling, the sky is collapsing, the earth is sinking.
When the earthquake comes, it has a powerful destructive power and wants to destroy everything.
Earthquake is a natural phenomenon, in the process of an earthquake, the vibration caused by the rapid release of crustal energy will produce seismic waves.
The shaking of an earthquake is not a simple shake from left to right, but an uncertain shake up and down, making people feel uncomfortable.
Apart from the faint feeling that you can escape quickly a few minutes before the earthquake, the rest of the time is to destroy everything quickly.

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Earthquake experience Hall

The earthquake hut is composed of a simulated earthquake platform and the houses on the platform. The technology includes hydraulic, servo-electric system, sensing system, computer control system, sound system, automatic scoring system, etc. The simulated vibration platform can simulate various magnitudes and seismic waves when an earthquake occurs, enabling experiencers to be immersed in the scene. Simulating the magnitude and duration of an earthquake is carried out on the console in advance. The system is equipped with Wenchuan earthquake, Tangshan earthquake, Japan Kansai earthquake, and other data can also be made according to customer demand.


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