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Dome theater is a new format of seeing and showing things, where a 360 VR immersive experience is not individualized, but actually, a shared social activity. The spherical dome cinema has a diameter of 9.4m, a diameter of 9m, an installation angle of 13 degrees, an unconventional hemisphere, and a capacity of 38 people / time. The spherical curtain is made of microporous antirust aluminum plate, which is made by longitudinal butt joint, up and down lapping process, galvanized rectangular pipe, angle steel and other professional equipment and special process. The galvanized rectangular tube is made into warp beam and horizontal beam, and the galvanized rectangular tube is made into weft beam; The material of ring beam, ground beam and support bar is Q235; It is a high-tech system engineering integrating sound, light, electricity, automation control and computer animation,

As a whole, it looks like half a huge ball is on the ground. When you sit on the platform and watch a movie, you can simulate the space tour, or diving, and enjoy the strange scene of the underwater world. Make the audience enjoy the changing and lifelike weather. With the realistic picture, people can’t help but enter the role, resulting in a very real and thrilling special feeling.



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