360 VR Simulator

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Standard Version, Classic Experience

360-degree rotation, real roller coaster safety equipment

Rich and exciting scenes, from visual to somatosensory.

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Game Type

Roller Coaster

Size (L)*(W)*(H)


Floor Space









PICO G2 4K Plus


43'' HD Screen

Product Details

360° rotation motion platform, up to 30 popular roller coaster maps, VR display with thrilling movement, make you feel like on a real roller coaster!

This product is the first 360° roller coaster simulator in our industry. It was well-received when it was first unveiled at the GTI exhibition. Now it has become one of our best-selling products and is also very popular in our customers’ experience stores.

If you are looking for the ultimate virtual reality experience, look no further than our state-of-the-art Virtual Reality Simulator. This immersive system is designed to take you to new heights of sensory bliss, with features that include a VR cinema, VR 360 Simulator for two people, and the industry’s first 4K high-definition Rall-in-one glasses. The floor-standing center console control system design makes it easy to operate, while the mid-air suspension, 360° free passive-active rotating platform, multiple motion posture modes, and lift, tilt, swing, and shake capabilities allow users to experience a wide range of virtual reality scenarios.

With as many as 30 global popular roller coaster maps and a VR 360-degree immersive screen, this cutting-edge simulator creates an immersive virtual reality shuttle journey that can transport users to breathtaking destinations around the world. Whether you’re using the product in a VR park or arcade game machine, you’re sure to be blown away by its lifelike graphics and unparalleled realism. Don’t settle for anything less than the best – try our Virtual Reality Simulator today and experience virtual reality like never before!

* Traffic increasing product, 360° rotation
* Electro-hydraulic push rod + seat belts.
* Game view shown in display
* 4K HD VR Headset
* Pad control system easy and efficient

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