Play hard, race hard, and go for the checkered flag

GT Racer 4-Axis Simulator: A Real On-track Experience

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Super Precise Motion-tech System

Realistic, haptic feedback and motion-sensing that leverage advanced algorithms to go beyond the basic rumble packs built into other games.  It’s not a merely vibrator, but an intelligent racing simulator that can make feedback according to your speed, motion, and racing environment.

Professional Racing Simulation

Controls are identical to what you would find in a car or airplane: the steering wheel, the cockpit, and the sensor underneath are all outstanding at simulating sharp turns, forward momentum, emergency braking, and drift.

Interactive Racing Experience

When connected to network and PC, GT Racer makes you experience extremely simulated racing with your friends in the same game. It’s turns your sim racing more interactive and thrilling, going beyond spatial limitation.

GT Racer is the next step in an extended evolution – and a lifelong journey to escape the confines of everyday life, to embrace all that VR racing has to offer.

About Us

As a team of experienced developers and researchers, we have formed Jiangsu Empowerment Intelligent Technology to afford more people access to the excitement of an immersive experience. We are emphasizing efficiency and quality over all else, leaning into the possibilities that we see in the VR sphere.

To us, GT Racer is more than a game. This is a means for anyone and everyone to try ultra-fast racing on their own time and from the comfort of their own homes. Because of the years that we have spent working on simulators, motion platforms, VR technology, and somatosensory hardware, we are confident that we can stretch people’s perception of VR as a whole, one race and even one lap at a time.

Super Early Bird Price

Coming soon on Kickstarter


Model: GT Racer

Dimension: 2700*800*1200mm

Product Weight: 300kg

Power Source: 110-240VAC 50-60HZ

Max Power Consumption: 2180W

Max User Weight: 200 Kg

Max Angular Displacement for Pitch: +- 10°

Max Angular Displacement for Roll: +- 12°

Boxed Dimensions: 2400*1100*1300mm

Boxed Weight: 350kg

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