Differences Between Static and Six-Axis Racing Simulators!

In the world of modern racing simulators, the choice between a static platform and a six-axis motion platform is crucial for determining the quality of the experience. Each configuration offers significant differences in function, experience, and application. Understanding these differences helps in selecting the most suitable racing simulator for your needs. Static Racing Simulator Features […]

Empower GT Racer brings the thrill of racing into your home

Racing, especially racing at top speed, is an experience unlike any other. You step down on the gas, and there is a rush. It passes through, traveling upward from your feet to the top of your head. You can feel your blood pumping harder and your heart beating faster. Any experienced racer, and they will […]

5D Cinema- Ireland

Introduce Site: Taytopark Change the cinema experience into a thrilling journey as you sit back and enjoy the show. Immerse yourself in this one-of-a kind virtual experience and be part of the action. Featuring air gusts, water jets, leg ticklers, flashing lights and bubbles. Sure to get pulses racing from start to finish!

5D Cinema- Malta

Introduce Malta 5D is a new generation theatre where you feel the “real” emotions of the movie. In a short time, you may explore the colourful and impressive episodes of the Maltese history and culture, magnified with 3D film, moving seats, water spray, air blasts and leg ticklers. A unique experience for all ages! An […]

9D Cinema- Greece

Introduce Project: Minoansworld It is well planned by the top team to create a new  9D sensory high-tech experience scene. It not only has a variety of scientific and technological elements, but also is full of stereo surround BGM, bringing the ultimate experience to the experiencer in all directions With rich imagination elements, we can […]

Giant Dome Theater

Giant Dome Theater The Giant Dome Theater is the perfect venue for corporate presentations or a private film screening. Projected on a five-story, domed wraparound, your message will come to life on this giant screen! The Giant Dome Theater is rented in concurrence with the Henry Crown Space Center, which provides an out-of-this-world backdrop for your […]

Virginia Dome

The Dome is the Largest Screen in Virginia Whether you’re traveling deep into the Amazon rainforest, plunging into the ocean with great white sharks, hunting for dark matter at a particle physics laboratory or traveling to the cosmos in search of the new ninth planet, seeing an astronomy presentation or giant screen film in The […]

Dome Theater

Taipei Astronomical Museum The Dome Theater with a 25-m hemispherical domescreen is the largest one in Taiwan. Combining digitalprojection system with Zeiss Planetarium presents thebrilliant starry night sky. Each program takes 40-50minutes and interprets the constellations after film.  


Introduce The Omni-Theatre is Southeast Asia’s first 8K 3D digital dome theatre. Coupled with Southeast Asia’s largest seamless dome screen (23m in diameter), it is an immersive edutainment destination like no other. Unlike conventional theatres, the Omni-Theatre is equipped with a powerful digital planetarium system that allows visitors to peer into space at 8K resolution […]

Indonesia Flying Cinema

Experience the archipelago like never before! Be our guest to discover the mesmerizing beauty of Indonesia. Sit back and relax as we take you through the series of Indonesia most treasured landmarks, cultures, and breathtaking scenery high up above the clouds. While experiencing the breeze and scents matching various scenery like no other with this […]